It’s time for Hardcover Book Haul w/a Giveaway! This one is a Women’s Fiction Haul

Win ALL 4 Books:

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I’m giving away 4 Hardbacks. The 1st 2 are Danielle Steel novels.

1) Magic by Danielle Steel about 3 couples that meet up by chance at a White Dinner party in Paris: a) Wall Street + Vogue editor that are separated by long-distance when he gets a promotion to Beijing b) Italian couple who owns a huge clothing firm c) tech startup owner + a screenwriter

2) Fairytale by Danielle Steel is a Cinderella retelling with gender roles reversed. Her father owns a wealthy vineyard in Napa Valley and a French Countess & her 2 sons come into town and her father immediately falls in love & proposes to her but she has ulterior motives.

3) First Comes Love by Emily Griffin – their perfect brain surgeon brother dies in a car accident one X-mas and the story is about the struggle the 2 sisters have afterwards

4) Sweet Tomorrow by Debbie Macomber, #5 & last in the Rose Harbor series about a magical B&B that’s like the Love Boat where everyone magically works out their problems. The newest resident is recovering from a broken heart and has decided to be adopt a baby by herself to fulfill her dream of becoming a mom. And Jo, the InnKeeper deals with the dude she loves who ditched her.

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