One Of The Most Remarkable Bible Study Guides Ever! A Tour De Force Scriptural Commentary On The Nature Of God, The Mind Of Man And The Time-Tested Techniques To Fulfill Our Desires. A Unique Interpretation Of The Book Of Genesis As A Guide To Personal Freedom and Financial Success.

Reader Review: “Extremely scholarly. The author’s knowledge of the subject goes way beyond what I had expected… This is a must for all Bible scholars AND laymen alike. Don’t miss it!” J. Willner 

Can I be, do and have whatever I want? Is ANYthing possible? The Bible says so. To those who believe. But how do I believe in something I don’t know? This is where FAITH TO FORTUNE comes in.

FAITH TO FORTUNE contains powerful and profound but simple-to-apply wisdom to bring about personal transformation. This book is for anyone – no matter who and no matter where – wishing to achieve freedom and greatness in all areas of life, whether financial, spiritual, mental or emotional.

What you will learn with FAITH TO FORTUNE:

•What the Bible means ‘when God speaks’, and who God truly is.
•What is meant by “the face of God.” You will be utterly surprised.
•What “in the image of God” really means, and how knowing it can help you today.
•Who are Adam and Eve. They are not who you think they are. Hint: you know them personally.
•You will learn the seven states of mind to manifest every desire and how to apply them easily and effortlessly.
•The true meaning of ‘earth’ and ‘heavens’ spoken of in the first verse of the Book of Genesis.
•That sinning simply means ‘not getting what you want’. FAITH TO FORTUNE will show you how not to sin ever again.
•The real meaning of the Second Coming of Christ. This will shock you.
•The real meaning behind Leviticus 20:13. It’s definitely not what we have been taught.
•You will also learn what faith really is and how to strengthen and apply it more effectively.
•You will learn who are Abraham and Jacob and how they relate to your everyday life.
•You will find out how your feelings and imagination combine to actually create your reality and realize your every dream.
•What is really meant by ‘sun’, ‘moon’ and ‘stars’ and what they have to do in creating your fortune now.
•The meaning of the words ‘grass’, ‘herbs yielding seed’ and ‘fruit’ – and how they are related to believing.
•What is ‘day’ and what is ‘night’.
•And much, much more…

FAITH TO FORTUNE is for the faithful as well as those who wish to gain or strengthen their faith. No matter at what station you are in your life, the methods taught in this book will unlock in you the codes of success that have been used for millennia for manifesting desires with the incredible power of your own creative mind.

FAITH TO FORTUNE breaks away from old traditions and stale dogma and introduces a fresh new way of understanding the Bible and learning from its timeless wisdom. It brings the Old and New Testaments together in a way never before seen.

Reader Review: “Yaron guides the reader through his interpretation of creation of self, enlightenment, and empowerment to create a better version of oneself. After reading Yaron’s work … I feel enlightened and determined to alter my behavior.” LJHazy

FAITH TO FORTUNE is Yaron’s first book in The Faith Mastery Series of mind-based interpretations of the Bible. He is currently working on the follow-ups, FAITH TO FACTS and FAITH THE NATION.