The Light of Being is a writing that can lead you to spiritual freedom. Explore your spiritual intelligence by realizing the interconnectedness of things,by taking a look at the relationships that you have (including the one you have with yourself), having compassion, and learning to grow from setbacks or adversity you face in life. This work is to be used as a tool to guide one from wherever they are in terms of consciousness gently back to their essence. The words that resonate with the reader merely unlocks the truth and inner wisdom that is written in your heart already. All of the works created over the last few thousand years throughout the world that carry the same message are just echoes of the same voice. This voice transcends language and time. This writing flows from the same place as those sages and spiritual teachers from long ago as well as from the teachers of today. A place of stillness, grace and peace. Find the road back to your self, your true self, within this book. Let the words be like a map pointing you to your freedom. Question what you read and then put it into practice. If you do, watch what happens. The truth will reveal itself as you live these teachings.

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