Finn Manning is giving away ten contemporary YA fiction books featuring gay characters and M/M love stories. Enter for your chance to win these Kindle ebooks. You can also get an excerpt from Finn’s upcoming book L-O-V-E here.



The Biggest Scoop by Gillian St. Kevern- A budding investigative journalist makes the mysterious new boy his latest story.

Riding with Brighton by Haven Francis – A superficial jock decides to change his life by speaking to a unique boy he’s drawn to.

Under the Stars by Geoff Laughton -Vacationing in a place he’s sure to hate might bring love for a fashionable theater kid.

Sweaters and Cigarettes by Mika Fox – An oddly intense conversation about superheroes starts an equally intense attraction between two opposites.

Loving Lakyn by Charlotte Reagan – Lakyn gets a second chance at life even though he doesn’t want one. A change of scenery and a new guy might convince him that life is worth living.

Collide by J.R. Lenk – Hazard, a normal high schooler with a unique name, takes a walk on the wild side and gives into the temptations of hanging out with a bad crowd.

Play Me, I’m Yours by Madison Parker – A bullied piano player and music lover navigates high school and multiple potential love interests.

Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall – Best friends fall in love in this queer take on a TSwift song.

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren – Love blossoms in a writing class between a boy from a liberal background and conservative Mormon boy. 

Fjord Blue by Nina Rossing – Trouble gets a rebellious teen exiled to his grandparents’ home in Norway.

This list with official descriptions can also be found here.


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