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10 LGBT Romance Books for Teens Giveaway

Finn Manning is giving away ten contemporary YA fiction books featuring gay characters and M/M love stories. Enter for your chance to win these Kindle ebooks. You can also get an excerpt from Finn’s upcoming book L-O-V-E here.   BOOKS INCLUDED The Biggest Scoop...

Book giveaway for parents

“The Single Dad’s Guide to the Galaxy is perfect for anyone who’d appreciate some wise advice on the reality of that most difficult of all undertakings: being a parent.” — NORTH & SOUTH MAGAZINE (SEPT 2017)   ‘I’ve experienced all the different roles you have...

PageHabit Book Box Giveaway

You love books so much, you want them to magically arrive in a gift box in the mail to you! And this month I'm giving away not one but TWO PageHabit boxes. Check out out the prizes by clicking here PageHabit is a subscription service curated by authors. They offer a...


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