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Paranormal Fantasy for readers who love Fairies

If you love Fairies, have an insatiable love for the unseen, enjoy a good riddle shrouded with demon twists and believe in soul mates; hang on for a ride with Meridian through the twists and turns in this paranormal love story. Notorious leader, Warrick has it out for...

Enemy Self

Suzanne Kovitz debut novel, "Enemy Self", one free copy, young adult/fantasy/sci-fi.  The bully switches bodies with her victim.  The victim must live life through the eye's of the bully's perspective.

Win Awakening Death Novel copies

Time is running out...... Have you ever faced temporary death? Have you ever enjoyed your life more than you expected? Have you ever shivered, cried and laughed at a time? If not you are going to feel everything now. get ready to immerse in a work of simplicity and...

The Open Cage – free chapbook giveaway

When an expedition encounters a gigantic iron cage, lying open, in the depths of the jungle their leader is forced to question not only what it once contained but also those forces buried deep within him.   The Open Cage is published by Melbourne-based InShort...


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